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An exploration of active meditation techniques

Meditation is simply a scientific method, exactly the same as science – their areas are just different. Science begins with doubt; meditation also begins with doubt.
Science experiments with objects; meditation is the experience of your interiority, your subjectivity.
Science requires a mind that has the capacity to concentrate.
Meditation requires the capacity to go beyond mind, to go into silence, to be absolutely a pure nothingness.      Osho

     Welcome to activemeditation.com !

     Wanting to explore the world of meditation? Our website might be what you are looking for, focussing as it does on meditation in general and the Osho Active Methods™ in particular.

     The Osho approach to inner development is unique in that the techniques are designed scientifically, and specifically for you and me: twenty-first century men and women.

     If you're like most of us, you find it difficult, even impossible, to meditate in the traditional manner — that is, to experience inner silence by sitting cross-legged on the floor. You probably feel your mind is noisier, not more silent, than it was before you started. Your body is restless, ill at ease, and — if you do manage to endure the hour — stiff and painful.

     By contrast, all the Osho methods begin with at least one phase of activity. This allows you to loosen up your body and to unburden your mind. Then you are able to move naturally from stress to deep relaxation, silence and stillness.
     And the effect doesn't finish there; with regular practice you will be able to carry an inner centering with you in your regular day, wherever you are and in whatever you are doing.

    A large portion of activemeditation.com is devoted to the most radical of these moving methods: Osho Dynamic Meditation. You can read detailed instructions for each stage, and responses to questions under "Osho Dynamic Meditation" and "Further Dimensions". Also check out OshoDynamic.com.

Included too...

•    In Perspectives, we present the physical and psychological effects of the active meditations, in the form of feedback from individual practitioners and professionals

•     Under Research, you'll find general and medical articles on meditation including a sub-section "Meditation Goes Mainstream," with reports of where active techniques have been or are being used — from prisons and banks to schoolrooms and sporting events
"Experiments," provides coverage of a global experience in meditation conducted in recent years

•    Other Modalities looks at the similarities and differences between the active-meditation approach and Yoga, psychotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology, biofeedback, Rechian work, TM and Buddhism.

•    The Buddhas of Suburbia features articles by meditators practicing a variety of techniques that are positively impacting all aspects of their lives, including work and relationships

•    Here are two links to video demonstrations of Dynamic Meditation

               Osho Dynamic Meditation Video

               Osho Dynamic Meditation Video

•    The following links are to sites we have found interesting containing information about:

        •     meditation and therapy groups in the United Kingdom
               www.osholeela.co.uk (Dorset)
               www.croydonhall.com (Somerset)
               (Croydon hall is essentially a venue for facilitators to bring their own groups, with groups run
               by resident staff happening less often. But the place is stunning so just find an excuse to visit!

        •    where you can enjoy health spa facilities and a great vegetarian meal in Birmingham

        •    a range of courses facilitated by dedicated artists and craftspeople designed to enable you
             to discover the artist within you in a loving, supportive and non-judgemental environment.
             with a meditation and healing programme to support you on your journey

        •     where you can join others, worldwide, to practise the active methods in a group:

        •    where you can buy the music created especially for all the Osho active methods:

        •     where to find the meditative music of Sambodhi Prem

        •     to find out about the use of meditation in everyday living
              www.living-dying.com &

        •    total health and reversing your ageing, including the part played by meditation:

        •    to enter the vibrant, multi-dimensional world of meditative musician and doco-maker,Chinmaya
You might also like to visit  maneeshajames.com , where you will find an outline of Maneesha's biography, the schedule for her groups and trainings and the growing list of her written works and recorded meditations.

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Once you have had a look at the linked site simply close the new window and you will find us waiting in the background for you.
     To help you find a site again independently, simply add it to your favorites list before coming back to activemeditation.com

     If you are practicing the Osho Active Methods and/or introducing them to the public, if you have personal or professional input that might be of interest on this site, please contact us ... Maneesha's e-mail address
    We'd also appreciate hearing from you of any sites with which we might want to create mutual linking, and any articles related to meditation that you come across. Questions about any aspect of meditation are also welcome.
     Contact details, where known, are provided for contributors. This is to facilitate verification of information and to encourage networking and the sharing of meditation. We have found it necessary to remove any active e-mail links from the site and replace them with text images of the addresses in order to protect our contributers from unsolicited electronic advertising.

Most of the photos on the site were taken by Dhyan Kavita; other acknowledgements accompany the appropriate photos.

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