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Meditation Research Team
Maneesha James

Maneesha James S.R.N., S.C.M., R.M.N.
activemeditation.com concept creator and contributor

Maneesha James' early background was in general and psychiatric nursing and midwifery. The guinea pig in the early seventies when Osho was designing his active methods, she has practiced the many of the techniques herself over the past 35 years. For many years Maneesha led meditation-based groups around the world. She has written several books (as Juliet Forman) and produced a number of CDs and videos on meditation and how we can use it to bring joy and celebration into our our daily lives, in times of health crisis and in the face of our inevitable encounter with death.
With a degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Maneesha now works in private practice in Sydney, Australia. Her field of interest is supporting those in health crisis as they move back to health or through the dying process..
To access ... Maneesha's books, CDs and videos
and to view ... a video interview with Maneesha

Maneesha's e-mail address

Dr Federicco Montecucco
Bagni di Lucca
Project consultant and contributor

A medical doctor, and a meditator for twenty-five years, for the past ten years Dr Federico Montecucco's particular interest has been to make the evolution of man's consciousness accessible to the scientific mind.
To this purpose he established the "Academy For Science, Art and Consciousness" and set up a community Villaggio Globale in Bagni Di Lucca, Tuscany, Italy. Here he works with a group of meditators, conducting research into the effects of meditation, including the Osho methods, on the human organism .
To read Montecucco's professional perspective on Osho Dynamic Meditation...Restoring Our Lost Integrity and for a longer article on his work at Villagio Globale see ...Are We on the Same Wavelength?

Frederico Montecucco's e-mail address

Federico Montecucco

meditationresearch team member Vikrant A Sentis

Vikrant A Sentis M. Ed
Project consultant and contributor

Vikrant Sentis holds a master's degree in adult education. He specializes in humanistic psychotherapy and personal development and is a certified member of the Asssociation for Humanistic Psychology, USA. He heads the Department of Psychological Support for a pre-university institution "SEA" – System of Active Education – and is also director of the Experiential Center for Human Development in Santiago. He has recently been appointed to the staff of the SEK International University where he will be running a personal development workshop for psychology students.
His thesis, which was the springboard for his first book, "Beyond the Limits of Experience," details the development of humanistic psychology, from psychoanalysis to transpersonal psychology. The book is now part of the syllabus of two courses in the Northern Illinois University.
For Vikrant's article on Psychotherapy and Meditation...Stepping Out of the Circle

Vikrant's e-mail address

Dr Floriana Formicola Ph.D
Naples, Italy
Project consultant and contributor

Born in Italy, Dr Formicola trained as a bioenergetic therapist in the USA and as a psychotherapist in Italy. She has a Ph.D. in Psychology and is also qualified in the fields of Oncological Psychology and Psychiatry.
Currently she is director of a district service for psychotherapy and mental health.
See ...Meditation as an aid to self-diagnosis for Floriana's professional experiences with the Osho Active Methods

Chetana's email address

meditationresearch team member Floriana Formicola

meditationresearch team member Jan Hesselink

Dr Jan M. Keppel Hesselink MD, Ph D
Project consultant and contributor

Dutch-born Jan Marius Keppel Hesselink, MD, Ph.D. is a biologist and physician. He received his Ph.D. on a study of Parkinson's disease and has worked as a neurologist and pharmacologist. For the last four years, Dr Hesselink has been Vice-President R&D at a large international pharmaceutical company. He has been Professor of Molecular Pharmacology at the University of Witten/Herdecke, Germany since 1997, is Managing Director at a science consultancy organization, and also works as a medical acupuncturist.
Editor of "Human Psychopharmacology," he has written three books and more than 80 articles on various topics such as neurology, psychopharmacology, psychiatry, medical philosophy, transpersonal medicine, and research methodology
See ...No Thoughts, Only Pure Awareness for Jan's personal experiences with Osho Dynamic Meditation

Jan Hesselink's e-mail address

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